Flexible booking(s) – check.
Passport – check. 
Boarding pass – check.
COVID-19 vaccination and/or testing documents – check. 
Face covering – check. 

Nowadays, our new travel normal comes with a lot of extra checks. So, we’ve created a new air travel checklist to help you stay organized—and in the know—as you navigate an ever-changing world of travel. 

air travel checklist

Download Your New Air Travel Checklist here, then upload it to Documents in TripIt

Want to learn more about the TripIt features mentioned in the checklist? Read on for a detailed description of each feature. 

COVID-19 travel guidance 

Travel restrictions related to COVID-19 vary greatly and constantly change, meaning the decision to travel—and the process of traveling—isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. Last year, we added the COVID-19 travel guidance feature to show you the latest COVID-19 travel guidelines, restrictions, and requirements—alongside infection rates—for the destinations you’re visiting. 

You can also find destination-specific information about vaccination rates and requirements, approved vaccines, testing requirements, and exemptions for vaccinated travelers. We’ve also added airline-specific COVID-19 guidance, including airline-recommended apps to assist with travel and entry, airline-facilitated COVID-19 test availability, and more.

TripIt Pro users can also search for the latest COVID-19 travel guidance by destination, so you can see these details in advance of adding a plan to TripIt. 

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Inbox Sync 

Inbox Sync connects your Gmail, Google Workspace, Yahoo! Mail, and Outlook inboxes with your TripIt account.

Once connected, your travel plans are automatically added to your TripIt account. You never have to remember to forward an email to plans@tripit.com (though that works, too!). TripIt will scan your inbox(es) for travel plans, then automatically import them into TripIt.  

International Travel Tools 

TripIt Pro makes international travel easier by showing logistics such as embassy information, currency conversions, socket and plug requirements, required vaccinations, tipping advice, and more in our International Travel Tools feature. 

Next time you travel internationally with TripIt, you will notice a passport button on your trip summary. Simply tap on it to find an array of tips and tools customized specifically to the country you are traveling to.


Gone are the days of toggling back and forth between your digital boarding pass and TripIt app as you multitask your way through the airport. 

The Documents feature enables you to upload PDFs, photos, boarding pass and mobile passport QR codes to your travel plans—and of course, your new air travel checklist—so everything is in one place. You can add attachments to the Details screen for your flight, lodging, car rental, activity, and other trip items.

This feature is available to all TripIt users. Anyone can upload three documents per trip; TripIt Pro users can upload up to 25 documents per trip.

Share your TripIt itinerary

To share your travel plans from the app, simply click the share icon on your itinerary to share your travel plans via text or email. You can also select individual (or multiple) trip plans within a TripIt itinerary and send them via text, Slack, WhatsApp, or your favorite messaging app. You can also choose to add people as viewers, editors, or travelers on your trip, and they will see updates to your itinerary in real time.

As a TripIt Pro member, you can add people to your Inner Circle, and we’ll do the sharing for you. New trips are conveniently shared to your Inner Circle as soon as they’re posted in your account. When you’d prefer not to share travel plans, simply select “Do not share with Inner Circle” when creating the trip.  

Airport Maps 

All TripIt users can view airport and terminal maps right in the app to help you navigate to your gate and more. 

TripIt Pro members can also access even more Interactive Airport Maps to quickly and easily navigate your way around the airport, with step-by-step directions, walking times, search options, dynamic 3D detail, and more. 

In pace with the times, we’ve added amenities related to health and safety to Interactive Airport Maps. For available airports, TripIt Pro users can search interactive maps for the locations of COVID-19 testing sites, stores that sell face coverings, hand sanitizer stations, and personal protective equipment (PPE) vending machines—all right in the app. 

Interactive airport maps are available to TripIt Pro users for more than 105 global airports. 

Baggage claim alert

TripIt Pro members can receive flight status notifications via email, push, and SMS. Upon arrival, TripIt flight alerts will tell you what time your flight arrived at its destination and will display your baggage claim information if available.


Our Navigator feature helps you get from point A to point B more easily with a search tool that shows you the transportation options available to you. It will also show you the estimated costs and travel times for each option, so you can decide which works best. You can find Navigator within your flight, hotel, activity booking, and rental car details screens.

Nearby Places 

Whether you’re looking for a place to eat, drink, pick up supplies, or seek medical care, TripIt’s Nearby Places feature makes it easy to find places close to where you’re staying. 

Should you need medical help while traveling, our enhanced Nearby Places makes it easy to find hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies close to where you’re staying. 

The feature will give you the medical facility’s contact details, hours, and more. TripIt will also show you an interactive map with each option tagged so you can see where it is in relation to your accommodations. Then, you can easily get directions or tap the plus (+) sign to save the information for later.  

Neighborhood Safety Scores

TripIt’s Neighborhood Safety Scores feature helps you learn about the safety of the neighborhood they’re visiting. You can access hyperlocal safety ratings along any point within your TripIt itinerary for more than 65,000 cities and neighborhoods for both daytime and nighttime. 

This helps you visualize and gain an understanding of current safety conditions by location. Among the safety categories, you can view a health and medical score—which factors in COVID-19 data—for the area you’re visiting.

Since safety looks different to everyone, we enabled the ability to set a personal risk level within the Neighborhood Safety Scores feature. Once you’ve done so, we’ll warn you if you’re planning on visiting an area that exceeds your threshold—helping you to make better informed decisions while you’re on the go.

Carbon Footprint

TripIt shows you the carbon emissions for your flights, tracks your annual flight emissions, and offers you ways to offset that environmental impact—right alongside all your travel plans. 

With our Carbon Footprint feature, you can: 

  • See your flight’s carbon emissions 
  • Track your annual carbon footprint for air travel 
  • View practical suggestions to offset and reduce your environmental impact 

To view the carbon emissions for an individual flight, visit the flight’s detail screen and you’ll see the Carbon Footprint section. To view the cumulative carbon emissions for all your flights in a certain year, check out your Travel Stats in the More tab. From there, tap on Carbon Footprint for more info and ideas on how to reduce or offset your footprint.

Travel Stats 

Oh, the places you’ve been! Proud of how many destinations you’ve explored? Did you know you can view these stats, and more, in Travel Stats

To check out your Travel Stats, head to the More tab of the TripIt mobile app, then tap Travel Stats. You can also share your travel stats on social media using the share button or by snapping a screenshot. Remember to include #TripItTravelStats with your post.

Search for iOS

With a few keywords, you can now search within your travel plans to find trip details like restaurants you’ve booked, hotels you’ve stayed (or plan to stay) at, states or countries you’ve visited or plan to visit, and so on. 

To get started, enter a few keywords—e.g., “London hotel”—into the search bar and results will instantly start to populate. Then, simply click on the plan that you were searching for, and voila! You can jump right to that plan and recall the details you need. 

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