Between travel plans, barbecues, music festivals, kids’ camps, and everything else a busy summer can entail, you might have missed that we’ve been busy with plans of our own. That is, we’ve been making a series of updates to the TripIt app—to help make the experience more intuitive and inclusive for our TripIt users. 

Missed what’s new? Not to worry—we’ve summarized the updates, below. 

We updated the look of the TripIt app

If you’ve been poking around the TripIt app lately, you might have noticed things look a little different. The More tab has become the Account tab, structured with better organization of profile features and settings, such as your personal information and account management, your Travel Stats, as well as your personalized safety alerts and travel contacts. 

Tip: Continue to reference the Help Center for answers to your questions.  

The Trips tab also has a fresh new look. You’ll see your upcoming, past, and shared trips organized into distinct categories, to make finding your itineraries more intuitive.

TripIt is now available in Spanish

For our travelers around the world—and as part of our efforts to make our app more inclusive to users—you can now use TripIt in Spanish, in addition to English, French, German, and Japanese. If your mobile phone is set to one of these, the TripIt app will also operate in that language. For all other languages, the app will remain in English. 

You can also forward booking confirmation emails written in Spanish to to create an itinerary. 

You can download our new medium widget for iOS

The TripIt widget for iOS displays the most relevant details for your upcoming trip or event, so you can quickly see the information you need without having to open the TripIt app. The TripIt widget is also available on the Today View of your iPad, so you’ll always know where to be and when. 

And while the small widget gives a quick view of your upcoming travel plans and acts as a shortcut into the app, we’ve introduced our new medium widget for your iOS home screen and Smart Stack so you can do even more. 

With the medium widget, you can see additional trip details, plus links to helpful TripIt features such Nearby Places for cafes or gas stations and Navigator to see transport options to the next location in your itinerary. It was designed with this very logic in mind—to present links to the most relevant feature at any point in your trip, based on where you are or what you’re doing

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We increased access to Neighborhood Safety Scores for Android users 

TripIt shows safety scores from 1 to 100, representing low to high risk, including a Health and Medical score that factors in COVID-19 data. This information is available in the Neighborhood Safety Scores section within your TripIt itinerary.

For Android users, we’ve recently added Neighborhood Safety Scores to activity, meeting, tour, theater, and concert plans. 

Tip: Set your personal risk level, and we’ll warn you if you’re planning on visiting an area that’s above your threshold.

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