As travel increasingly returns to pre-COVID levels, travelers continue to face evolving requirements, many of which are now dependent on your COVID-19 vaccination or test status. Part of planning a trip now involves understanding not only what’s required of you at your destination, but also what might be required from your airline. 

Starting today, you can find information about vaccination rates and requirements, approved vaccines, exemptions for vaccinated travelers, and more, right in TripIt’s COVID-19 travel guidance feature. You’ll also find new, enhanced airline-specific COVID-19 guidance, including airline-recommended apps to assist with travel and entry, as well as airline-facilitated COVID-19 test availability.

All TripIt users can now view vaccination information at the country-level for destinations they’re visiting, including:

  • Vaccination rates
  • Vaccination requirements
  • Approved vaccines
  • Exemptions from quarantine, testing, or other entry requirements for vaccinated travelers
  • Accepted forms of certification

TripIt Pro users can also search for the latest COVID-19 travel guidance by destination.

travel vaccination status

What are the enhancements to the airline-specific COVID-19 guidance?

Earlier this year, TripIt added airline-specific guidance to the COVID-19 travel guidance feature. That update gave you access to information about your flight’s enhanced cleaning procedures, health documentation requirements, food and beverage service, and more.

Now, you can access enhanced guidance for the airlines you’re flying. Starting today, TripIt will show you new airline-specific details, including:

  • Apps recommended by the airline to facilitate travel and entry
  • Information on whether a COVID-19 test can be scheduled through the airline
travel vaccination status

Who has access to these enhancements?   

This information is available to all TripIt users in the TripIt iOS app. (It will also be available to Android users in a forthcoming update.) Be sure your app is updated to the latest version of TripIt. COVID-19 travel guidance is available for more than 200 countries and territories along with 79 airlines.

Some countries also have data available by specific regions:

  • Australia has information available by state 
  • Canada has information available by province 
  • United States has information available by state

All TripIt users can access these new enhancements by simply tapping the guidebook button on the itinerary screen for destination- and airline-specific COVID-19 travel guidance.

If you’re a TripIt Pro user, you can also search for country/regional COVID-19 travel guidance prior to booking a trip right from the Pro tab in the TripIt app. 

What else does the COVID-19 travel guidance feature offer?

You can also find destination-specific COVID-19 travel guidance for the places you’re planning to visit when you view a trip itinerary in TripIt. This includes current infection rates, quarantine rules upon arrival, testing requirements, and other information you need to know before visiting the area.

If you’re a TripIt Pro user, you can also search the feature to find this information for destinations you’re planning to visit without needing them to be part of a TripIt itinerary. This is available in the Pro tab of the app.

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