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Travel is “my thing” and can go on and on for hours about different adventures around the world. But, when delving into everything “baby,” it was like landing on another planet. There are SO many products out there, there is so much to learn…and everyone has a different opinion!

It can be super overwhelming!

In standard TBA fashion, I began to research for hours on end about all the best baby gadgets and gizmos out there. And let me tell you, there are A LOT. 

I made spreadsheets, I consulted other mom friends, I scoured through reviews. My takeaway: I can prepare all I want, but I know that every baby is different, and not every product, let alone a bottle or pacifier, is going to work for my baby.

Have no idea as to what to include on your baby registry? Or maybe you’re even asking yourself what even is a baby registry?

I’ve dotted this with some helpful tips to consider before entering the black hole of the baby product world.

For those of you who are expecting a little one, or you’re helping someone else prepare for a child, I’ve put together this ultimate guide to creating a baby registry with some of the top products to add to your baby registry.

Babylist Registry

Creating Your Baby Registry

As a note, this list includes everything for first-time moms who are starting from scratch! Consider this your baby registry checklist.

My advice would be to put everything on your baby registry that you could possibly want or need—from strollers to nipple butter. You never know if your friends or family will want to pool together to get you some of the more expensive items. Adding less expensive options also gives everyone an opportunity to spoil you—whatever their budget. Whatever you don’t get from friends and family becomes your shopping list!

Before you get started creating your baby registry, here are some tips and things to think about:

Consider Your Style

Are you a minimalist, or are you someone who wants to be prepared for anything? We personally try to avoid as much plastic in the household as possible and I’m very big on organic and natural materials—which you’ll see throughout my registry. That said, I am a sucker for tech and will always opt for the coolest gadgets (regardless of price).

Take this MASSIVE list and consider what YOU would use. Research each item yourself and decide which is the best fit for you and your family!

Needs VS Wants

What are baby registry must-haves? There are definitely items on this list that are wants versus essential needs. I used Babylist for my registry, and it’s been incredibly helpful! If there is something you absolutely need, you can highlight the product as “MUST HAVE” so that your friends and family know which are most important to you.

Hand Me Downs!

Before you get started putting together your registry, reach out to your network of parents and see if anyone has hand-me-downs! I’ve been able to cut down on so many things because my mom-friends were able to lend me everything from clothes to cribs.


Whether you’re going the route of cloth diapers or disposable diapers, you’ve got to prepare yourself to see a lot of…critical moments. From diaper creams to diaper bags, to changing on the go, here are some of my essentials for diapering.

You may find all you need is a changing table, diapers, wipes, and bag; other things could likely be considered as wants—so start with what you need and consider what else you might want to make things easier or better for you and baby.

The Fawn + Nordstrom Square Diaper Bag Bundle

Béis Baby Ultimate Diaper Bag Backpack

When it comes to diaper bags, I always struggle with choosing style versus practicality. I wanted a more stylish and smaller bag…something a bit more feminine that I can use as my go-to day bag. However, we wanted a larger one for traveling, and one that was a bit more gender-neutral (which is great for when Meyer is carrying it).

So, we opted for The Fawn + Nordstrom Square Diaper Bag Bundle in Beige, along with the Béis Baby Ultimate Diaper Bag Backpack in Black.

The Fawn:

The Fawn is designed with the modern mom in mind and I love the minimal look…yet it has ALL the functionality a busy mom needs. It has several exterior and interior organization pockets, multiple wearing options (as a backpack or messenger style), and is spill-resistant.


I love how BEIS paired functionality with a stylish aesthetic! We opted for the ultimate diaper pack as it’s a bit bigger and more unisex, and since Meyer and I will both be wearing it, it just made the most sense!

Use code “BLONDEABROAD” for 15% off Béis!

Smart Changing Pad and Scale

Hatch Grow

While it’s not an essential, the Hatch Grow Smart Pad has a built-in wireless scale that works with your smartphone. (So nifty!) You can track your baby’s weight in the early months when it matters most and keep a log of vital medical information. Another option would be the Keekaroo Peanut Changing Pad.

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Odor-Locking Steel Diaper Pail


Unlike plastic, this steel bin keeps the smell shielded inside. It also has a childproof lock to keep little hands from finding their way inside.

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Key Diapering Items

I’d highly recommend adding a cash fund for diapers as well— we’re planning to do a Coterie subscription, so people can contribute to that for diapers and wipes!

Bath Time

The Baby’s All-Around Bundle


The Baby’s All-Around Bundle is the complete set of bathtime products and baby care needs you’ll need for your little one. The set uncludes a Baby Shampoo & Wash, 100% Organic Baby Massage Oil, Hydrating Baby Lotion, Soothing Baby Face Cream, and Organic Diaper Rash Cream.

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Moby Baby Bath Essential Set

Skip Hop

How cute are these bath essentials? The four-piece set includes a rinser, soft spout cover, padded elbow rest and kneeler. It’s BPA-free and Phthalate-free, too.

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Infant Tub


The 4Moms Infant Tub side drains allow dirty water to flow out; there’s a digital thermometer with a color-coded temperature display and it fits single and double sinks.

As an alternative, you could check out the Angelcare Baby Bath Support.

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From bath towels to washcloths, you’ll need a few! These are some of my favorite organic cotton products:

Baby Travel Essentials

Over the years, I’ve found the best travel gear for myself — from the best travel bags and luggage to the best carry-on items to my travel photography gear.

So, it should come as no surprise that the minute I found out we were expecting, I started researching all the best baby travel products.

For the full list of my baby travel essentials, check out my list of Best Travel Products for Babies and Kids!




Looking to travel light? The Libelle is for you! The Libelle stroller is a serious space-saver as it folds into a hand-luggage compliant size, making it easy to store in planes, trains, or cars It’s also lightweight, making it easy to carry! Bonus: it’s compatible with car seats, so if you’re traveling with an infant, you can buy the adapter.

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Portable Bottle Warmer

The Baby’s Brew

There aren’t a ton of ways to heat up a baby bottle on the go, so I love that this is a cordless, battery-operated device. It has adapters so it works with different types of bottles. You can heat up a bottle on the plane or in the car, and even adjust the temperature for formula or breast milk. It’s a really nifty gadget to keep in your diaper bag!

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Portable Changing Pad


This lightweight and compact changing pad is ideal for diaper changes on the go. Made from 100% cotton, it’s cozy yet water repellent, keeping any messes manageable and easy to clean.

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Travel Bundle Bedbox & Crew Backpack


This is the coolest! This bundle includes 2 travel essentials in one box: a “BedBox” and the cutest backpack. The BedBox essentially turns an economy seat into a first-class seat (so cozy!), and the Crew BackPack expands for travels big and small.

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See-Ya Suitcase

Olli Ella

This may just be the cutest suitcase, EVER! Elli Ella’s kid-size luggage comes in a variety of colors (they even have a floral print). It can be wheeled (to and from airport gates, at the train station, or around the house). It has a retractable handle and a built-in elastic band so your little one’s favorite plush toy can come along for the ride.

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Lotus Crib & Bassinet


This convertible travel crib can be used as a crib or bassinet. It folds up small enough to fit in a backpack and only weighs 15 pounds making it perfect for travel.

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Bottles are a number one for this category and we loaded up on a bunch of different kinds as we don’t know what our little one’s preference will be.

In addition to those, there are some really helpful baby gadgets out there like a food steamer, bottle warmers, on-the-go breast pump, and “smart” high chairs that grow with your babe!

You’ll need a handful of burp clothes:

Babycook Neo


Depending on your plans for your baby’s first foods, the Babycook Neo can cook anything from raw chicken to fish to veggies. It can steam, blend, defrost and reheat — all in the glass bowl and stainless steel basket. It’s a really cool product if you wanted to make your own baby food or steam a small portion of something versus using a lot of pots and pans.

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Fast Table Chair


This is super cool! The portable seat fits tables up to 3.3″ thick and is perfect for use at home or while traveling. The easy twist-tight secures the high chair and gives your baby a seat at the table.

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Organic Nursing Pillow

My Brest Friend

This encourages better posture during breastfeeding, which helps alleviate strain in your back, neck, and arms. Plus, it prevents your little one from rolling out of position during nursing. It’s also chemical and preservative-free.

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Manual Breast Pump


The Haakaa Silicone Breastpump lets you express milk using the power of natural suction.

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This high chair has such a smart design! One, it allows you to bring your baby to the dinner table so you can eat, while still keeping a watchful eye. Two, it’s seriously adjustable — it has so many accompanying accessories to make it work through the years; they’ve literally thought of everything.

I love anything that can grow with a child over time! You can modify the Tripp Trapp chair from birth to feet touching the ground (newborn to 6 years old or so!). I love that it continues to evolve as they grow.

Accessories for the Tripp Trapp:

Other Crib Option:

For a basic and affordable crib option, check out the IKEA Sniglar! We got this crib to set up at my parent’s house. We plan to spend a lot of time with family, so we needed to double up on a lot of items, and chose to save on some of the big items by getting a second at IKEA. The great thing about this crib is that, even at $99, it follows more stringent EU standards and is free of harmful chemicals.

Bottle Warmer for Home

Baby Brezza

This is one of the highest-rated baby bottle warmers for the home. It is Bluetooth enabled so you can operate it with your phone and be notified when the bottle is ready! It has 2 different heat settings so you can evenly (and safely) heat breast milk, formula, and even baby food jars in just minutes.

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Advanced WiFi Formula Dispenser Machine

Baby Brezza

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro easily makes a bottle with automatic powder blending, with just a tap from your phone! You can customize and set up 4 different bottles, and choose from 3 temperature settings. Receive alerts on your phone when the bottle is ready, or when you’re low on formula or water.

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Breast Pump


For someone who is always on the go, it is super important for me to have something that is not only wireless but portable. Willow can go with you any time and you have the option to pump directly into a bag if you aren’t using it right away. You can also use a pourable bag, which is ideal for preventing messy spills.

Use code “TBA25” for $25 off!

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I added a variety of different bottles to my registry that I researched for the best reviews. We’re going to try mostly glass and silicone bottles but I also love the Nanobaby breastmilk bottle: 

You can also get the baby bottle box if you aren’t sure which bottles to try first!

Newborn+ Carrier


This all-in-one baby carrier is made to grow with your little one from week 1 to 48 months. I love that it’s has a lot of cute designs and fashion-forward options. If price is an issue, another great option is the Ergobaby Omni 360.

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This comfortable carrier is soft and wraps around without all the complexity. Clip at your waist, put your arms through the straps, tuck your little one in, and you’re good to go! It’s designed for 4-month-olds to two years of age.

Use “KIKI20” for 20% off the entire site!

Love carriers like this? Another option is the Solly Baby Wrap Carrier.

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Baby Activity Square Chair

Wonder & Wise by Asweets

This darling chair is great for sensory play and keeps the baby in place with a crotch restraint. As they get older, you can remove the tray and restraint so they have their own comfy armchair.

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Baby Activity Center

Skip Hop

Designed in collaboration with a pediatrician, the baby activity center has a “whole body” approach to play and learning. As your child grows, it converts to become a sturdy table for coloring and playing.

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Nearly every mom has suggested this to me. The MamaRoo has different settings — it bounces up and down and sways from side to side to comfort babies and is a great hands-free device, so you can get work done while your little one chills.

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Soothers, Lovies & Newborn Toys

Don’t forget to add some newborn-friendly toys, soothers, and lovies — think security blankets and plush toys. And my goodness, are there some cute options out there! Here are some of the items I added to my own registry:

The Play Gym


This is a stage-based play gym for the little one’s developing brain. It includes everything your babe needs in an activity gym and play mat—from batting to teething to learning to focus—for playtime and tummy time with purpose. Also, don’t miss their Play Kit subscriptions! I got my first 0-12 week kit and was blown away by the quality and thoughtfulness that went into creating it. 12/10 recommend!

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Over the years, I’ve found the best travel gear for myself — from the best travel bags and luggage to the best carry-on items to my travel photography gear. So, it should come as no surprise that the minute I found out we were expecting, I started researching all the best products for parenting on the go.

Here are some of the key items to make traveling with a little one easier. For my full round-up, check out the Best Travel Products for Babies & Kids.

Camera Baby Monitor


You’ll often see inexpensive mirrors for cars in registries, which work. But, in terms of safety, I prefer a camera so I don’t have to look back. I’d much rather keep my eyes on the road and have a monitor showing the baby at all times. It also has night vision, so if you’re driving in the dark, you don’t have to worry about not seeing your little one.

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I did a TON of research on the best-of-the-best strollers out there and the Cybex e-PRIAM was the winner for our family.

It’s an e-stroller with hill assist so you can easily push up hills and it will help control speed going downhill. It also has a “rocking” setting. When the stroller is parked you can control it with an App to rock the stroller back and forth while you carry on with whatever you need to do.

We live in a hilly neighborhood so this stroller made SO much sense for us!

We also got the Priam Luxury Carry Cot so we can stroll around town with our newborn.

Picking the best stroller for your family takes research so I highly recommend reading reviews and considering things like car seat compatibility, weight, and size.

Get the Cybex e-PRIAM here!

As with the stroller, choosing a car seat is a deeply personal choice. Do your research and compare safety ratings, weight, and compatibility with strollers when choosing the best car seat for your family.

Aton 2 Car Seat


Also by Cybex, the Aton 2 car seat works with an app and has sensor-safe technology. Once attached to the harness of a car seat, it will alert if the temperature gets too hot or cold, if they’ve been sitting for too long, or if they unbuckle a clip. We chose the Aton 2 because it has the highest crash-test safety rating on the market.

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Other Baby Transport Items

Clothes & Accessories

I prioritize organic fabrics over style and will always look to see what the item is made of before falling in love. This is a priority for me, but do what works for you!

While it’s easy to buy everything under the sun and go a little overboard dressing your little one—they grow fast! Bodysuits are a fantastic staple, along with footie pajamas. You’ll also want to mix in some separates like newborn caps and pants.

Sizing can also be a gamble. Get some basic newborn items just in case. Often, babies are only in newborn clothes for a short time and jump straight into 0-3 month sizing. Having a variety of basics in sizes newborn to 6 months should have you covered until you can track baby’s growth.

That said, just like many moms, I didn’t follow my own advice and went crazy buying a bunch of cute infant clothes. Enjoy the process, but also be aware they may outgrow items quickly.

Here’s a general guideline to help you outfit your child’s wardrobe:

  • Bodysuits and Rompers: 10-14 (2 per day of week)
  • Pants: 3-5 (Depending on the season)
  • Socks: 7 pairs
  • Sleepers, footies, gowns: 7 (2 per day of the week)
  • Hats & Beanies: 2-3
  • Swaddles: 3-4

Bodysuits & Rompers


Sleepers, Footies, & Gowns

Hats & Beanies

Socks, Slippers & Booties


Cotton Bibs

These are super afforadble and help with drool!

Think Seasonally

Keep in mind that if you’re having a summer baby, you may want to add sun hats, full coverage UV swimwear, and swim diapers! For winter babies, consider adding in coats and all the cozy things!

Nursery & Decor

I’ll be doing a whole nursery reveal, but for now, some of the key elements include a crib, mattress, crib bedding, and furniture like the dresser and a reclining chair. While adding furniture to a baby registry might seem over-the-top, you’ll be surprised how many people want to pitch in for the big items! Like I mentioned before, I used my baby registry more as a personal shopping list. I need these things either way, so I have a handy list to shop for after everything is gifted.

Palma 7-Drawer Double Dresser


How cute is this mid-century modern dresser? Being greenguard certified, it’s been tested for over 10,000 chemical emissions and passed with flying colors.

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Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib


This crib is greenguard gold certified and transitions from a crib to a toddler bed to a daybed. I love that it has 4 adjustable mattress positions, making it easier to put your baby to rest.

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Other High Chair Option:

For a basic and affordable high chair option, check out the IKEA Antilop! It’s a great option if you need a second high chair to keep at a relative’s house. A super creative company, Yeah Baby Goods, created custom accessories for this high chair so you can customize it with everything from leg wraps to seat cushions. Though the high chair is only $24.99, those accessories add up and you could end up spending just as much as you would on a higher quality high chair.

Green Luxury Organic Crib Mattress


This mattress is a GOTS (Global Organic Textile) certified organic hybrid crib mattress and has a two-stage flippable design. Intended for use from newborn to one year, the infant side provides support while the toddler side has a bit more plush for when they move and fidget during the night.

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Kiwi Electronic Recliner and Swivel Glider


I’m all about comfort and the hidden control panel on the armrest allows you to control reclining; it swivels with a smooth gliding motion, and it’s both stain resistant and water repellent.

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Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet

Happiest Baby

Snoo is the Cadillac of baby bassinets! It’s responsive and will automatically rock and soothe baby if they start to get fussy, so your baby (and you) can sleep through the night. It’s got a pretty hefty price tag so I love that they offer the option to rent.

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Pro Baby Monitor


This monitor is really cool because it is an all-in-one camera that has hassle-free mounting. It works with your phone as a monitor and has smart technology. It will track a bunch of things like sleep, temperature, and humidity. It has two-way audio so you can listen in or talk back, it also has a travel adapter so you have the option to take it with you on the road. Just a note that it’s not cordless. You can also buy smart crib sheets as a complementary accessory.

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Rest+ Sound Machine


Every one of my mom-friends swears by this! You can play white noise through it in the nursey and change the color of the light as well as use it as a nightlight. I’ve heard that white noise is key as it helps calm babies and also helps mask any noise you make around the house from waking the baby. In the early weeks when there is LOTS of crying, this helped my friend’s baby calm down pretty quickly. She still uses it for every nap and keeps it on all night.

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Health & Safety

While this isn’t the most exciting category, it has a few things that are key! For me, adding a humidifier as well as a baby thermometer and some smart baby gadgets were important.



A humidifier is a must for babies—and this one takes the cake! This small tabletop humidifier works with Alexa and an app, which I love. Everything in our house is smart and we love voice control. This is an affordable option (with just enough smart) for a nursery!

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Smart Baby Thermometer


The Vava Smart Baby Thermometer is a small silicone patch you can easily attach to your infant and it offers real-time temperature monitoring with instant beep alerts and a blinking LED light notification. It has a long-lasting battery and is fast charging.

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Portable UV Sterilizer


A portable UV sterilizer for pacifiers is 100% a necessity in my mind. It always freaks me out how often babies throw their pacifiers out of strollers and onto the ground. This sanitizes in 60 seconds! It has a chargeable battery with over 100 uses on a full charge. It also comes on a key chain to keep it handy on your diaper bag. One note is that you cannot use UV on natural rubber, but it’s fine for silicone pacifiers.

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UV Light Sanitizer


For a large-capacity UV sanitizer, this is a great option! A lot of people will opt for a bottle steamer or boil their bottles and pacifiers to sanitize. Our dishwasher has a sanitize setting, so we opted to run my breast pump and bottles through the dishwasher then pop them into the sterilizer after. We also love that, with a large-capacity sterilizer, you can sanitize more than just bottles — think stuffed animals, phones, and other objects!

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One-Touch Tracker


The Talli makes it easy to track feedings, diaper changes, and sleep (everything your pediatrician will want to know at appointments!) all with the press of a button.

Use the code “THEBLONDEABROAD” for $10 off any purchase on Talli!

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Dream Sock


This smart sock sensor is one of the coolest things out there! It’s designed to adapt to your baby’s foot as they grow, and it tracks your infant’s sleep so you can know when to assist them for better sleep. You can view your baby’s sleep quality indicators, including wakings, heart rate, and movement.

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Other Health & Safety Items

Frida is one of those essential brands that are on almost every baby registry. They make just about everything you could possibly need for a newborn. You’ll see a number of their items below:

There you have it — my baby registry list!

What items would you (or did you) include on a baby registry? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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