You go through the tour at your own pace and have a passport that you get stamped at each drink station. During our visit, Bryan walked us through the entire facility to give us more insight.

After checking in, the tour started in a room where we got our first pour and an introduction to Lost Spirits. There was a fun interaction with the chandelier, and then we took a journey through a magical forest to a Havana-themed room. We sat down to enjoy our first drink while the stage was filled with holographic performers and a holo-Bryan.

Next, we stepped outside and hopped on one of their carts at the entrance of AREA15. Then they pedaled us to another building on-site, where the remainder of the tour was.

There, we received 3 more pours and saw the distilling process, including Bryan’s patented method. Lastly, there are two additional rooms where you can lounge. We don’t want to give everything away, since part of the magic is in the mystery. However, we will say our favorite room is their 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea room with the swaying chandeliers.

You can see the room in the photo below (we went back when it was closed to grab a few shots while it was empty).

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