This post was written by Mary Ancillette, a crystal healing expert.

Many people are starting to use crystals in their mediation practice. This isn’t surprising, as there are a range of benefits to meditating with crystals.

For example, crystals can deepen your focus and relaxation, so you get more out of your meditation. They can also help you stay grounded in the present moment. Many people even think that crystals can enhance spiritual insight and raise consciousness.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of meditating with crystals and how to do it. We’ve also listed a selection of the best gemstones for getting started with crystal meditation.

Why Meditate With Crystals?

The idea of meditating with crystals isn’t new. People have been using crystals to improve their meditation for thousands of years, although the practice is only recently being rediscovered in western culture. What makes crystals so powerful when meditating though?

Healing crystals can deepen your practice, raise awareness, and add an element of spiritual discovery to your mediation. The calm, relaxed state that’s achieved through a meditation also makes it easier to connect with the crystal.

One of the great things about crystal healing is that you can find gemstones that help with almost any goal or intention. By choosing a crystal that aligns with your intention when meditating, you can deeply connect with the stone’s healing energy.

For example, if you want to improve your concentration, then you might want to meditate with fluorite or tiger’s eye. These stones have a strong healing energy that promotes focus and discipline. If you’re hoping for spiritual growth, then crystals such as selenite, apophyllite, and spirit quartz are good options to add to your practice.

It’s also fun to incorporate crystals into your meditation. Choosing a stone that matches your intention and focusing on its healing energy can be very rewarding!

How To Meditate With Crystals

Meditating with crystals doesn’t need to be complicated. If you already have a meditation practice, then there’s nothing wrong with simply adding a crystal to your routine. As long as the crystal is nearby, you’ll benefit from its effect on your energy field.

Alternatively, you can use the method below:

  1. Before you begin, you’ll need to choose a crystal to meditate with. The crystal doesn’t need to be large or expensive – even a small tumble stone can be effective. It’s a good idea to choose a crystal with healing properties that match your desired intention.
  2. Cleanse the crystal to remove negative energy before you start meditating. This is particularly important for new crystals, but is a good habit whenever you meditate.
  3. Choose an environment that’s relaxing and where you won’t be disturbed. Make sure you’re comfortable before you begin, so you don’t need to move during the meditation. Some people like to play relaxing background music or white noise.
  4. Hold the crystal or place it on a nearby surface. 
  5. Set your intention for the meditation session. Take a few deep breaths to ground yourself and connect with the crystal’s energetic field. Some people also ask the crystal for permission to use its energy and vibrations during the meditation. 
  6. Focus on the crystal’s healing energy. Try to notice its characteristics and how it “feels.” For example, does the crystal’s energy have a fast or slow vibration? Is there an associated colour? Is the crystal causing you to feel sensations in the body? Where do you feel its energy most strongly?
  7. Whenever your mind wanders, bring your thoughts back to your breath and the crystal’s energy.
  8. Listen for any messages that the crystal may send you. You won’t always hear messages, but it’s important to take note when they happen.
  9. When you finish your meditation, take a few moments to become aware of how you feel. Thank the crystal for it’s assistance during the session.
  10. It’s a good idea to write a few notes about the meditation in your journal. Note down how the meditation went, whether you felt connected to the crystal’s energy, and whether you received any guidance.

There are many variations of this practice. For example, some people like to place crystals on each of the chakras to balance the energy centres. You can also place a crystal grid around you to amplify the gemstone’s healing properties.

Don’t worry if you find it hard to focus on a crystal’s energy when you first get started. It can take time to connect with crystals and become aware of their vibrations. If you’re really struggling, then it’s a good idea to try using a different stone for your next session, as everyone connects differently with each crystal.

Which Crystals Can You Meditate With?

Any crystal can be used to deepen your meditation. But if you’re just getting started, then it can be hard to know which to choose.

One method is to choose a crystal that matches your desired intention. Think about the goal of your meditation and what you want to achieve, then find a gemstone with relevant healing properties.

Alternatively, you can use your intuition to guide you. Keep an open mind and allow yourself to be drawn towards the right crystal for your upcoming meditation. There’s no right or wrong answer, so feel free to experiment!

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some common crystals that are wonderful for meditating.

  • Clear quartz: This crystal is known as the “Master Healer” and can be programmed for any intention. It also enhances the effect of other crystals in your collection. Clear quartz is probably the best crystal for beginners.
  • Blue topaz: Blue topaz is a beautiful crystal that can help you to attune with your higher self. It has a gentle energy that’s perfect for a relaxed meditation.
  • Rose quartz: Rose quartz is known as the “Stone of Unconditional Love.” It’s a powerful gemstone that can cleanse your heart chakra and enhance feelings of self-love. Rose quartz is also one of the best crystals to use during a gratitude meditation.
  • Black tourmaline: Black tourmaline has a strong protective energy that can guard against negativity. It’s a useful stone for remaining focused during meditation and avoiding being distracted by outside influences. 
  • Celestite.: Celestite is a spiritual crystal that’s associated with inner awareness and peace. 
  • Selenite: Selenite can absorb negative energy from its surroundings. It’s a good choice if you want to add a calming presence to your meditation practice.
  • Amethyst: Amethyst is a popular healing crystal that can balance the chakras. It has a powerful energy that’s great for enhancing your meditation.

Tip: Use your intuition when choosing a crystal in a shop. Pick up various crystals and see how they feel. Look for a gemstone that you’re drawn towards and has a positive energy.

Other Tips for Crystal Meditation

Feeling renewed after the Temescal

Try A Body Scan Meditation With Crystals

During a body scan meditation, you start by focusing on the feet, before slowly scanning up the body. This type of meditation is great for relaxation, as you can focus on releasing tension in each muscle.

You can use healing crystals to deepen the effects of a body scan meditation. Place healing crystals over each of the chakras – particularly the heart chakra and third eye chakra – and focus on their healing energy as you scan the associated area of the body.

Remember To Cleanse And Charge Your Crystals Before Meditating

Crystals can absorb negativity from their surroundings. It’s important to cleanse your crystal collection to remove this negative energy and maintain each stone’s healing properties.

Cleansing is particularly important if you’re going to be meditating with the gemstone. Meditation brings you closer to the crystal’s energy field, so you don’t want it to be affected by negativity. 

There are many ways to cleanse a crystal. You can leave the crystal in moonlight overnight, hold it in the smoke of incense, or use visualisations to clear the stone. Certain crystals can also cleanse other stones, with amethyst and selenite being two of the most popular options.

Not all cleansing methods are suitable for every crystal though. For example, softer stones may dissolve in water. Translucent crystals are also likely to fade in direct sunlight. So, be careful about which method you use.

Once you’ve cleansed a crystal, it’s also important to charge it. Charging restores the stone’s healing energy so that it can be used for your desired intention. If you notice that a crystal feels dull, heavy, or lacking energy during a meditation, then it probably needs to be charged.

Sound is one of my favourite methods for charging crystals. By loudly playing a single note, you can use vibrations to restore a crystal’s natural state. Crystal singing bowls are a popular choice for charging, but you can use singing, bells, or tuning forks. 

If you’re in a hurry and need a more convenient method, you can also use your energy field to charge a crystal by rubbing it between your hands. Make sure you focus on your intention to charge the crystal while rubbing it.


Crystals are wonderful tool for enhancing your meditation practice and raising your consciousness. They can bring a deeper awareness of the current moment, while helping you to achieve specific goals or intentions.

There’s no wrong way to meditate with crystals. Some people just like to have a crystal nearby while they focus on the breath. You can also try placing crystals on the chakras, using a crystal’s vibrations as your meditation focus, or creating a crystal grid around you.

You shouldn’t worry about choosing the “best” crystal for meditation. While crystals such as clear quartz and amethyst are a great place to start, you can use any crystal for meditation.

About the author: Mary Ancillette is a spiritual therapist and crystal healing expert. She writes about all aspects of crystal healing on her website, Angel Grotto. You can also find her on Facebook.

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