2. Congaree National Park SC for Fireflies →

100 National Park Rd, Hopkins, SC 29061, map

Average Temperatures: 68° F / 89° F
Average Sunrise / Sunset Times: 6:15 AM / 8:35 PM

Why Visit: Congaree is also one of the best national parks to visit in June. The synchronous fireflies occur every year between mid-May and mid-June, where the fireflies search for their mates and synchronize their flashes. It’s a truly magical natural phenomenon. When we visited, we tried to time it correctly but missed it by two days.

Best For / Top Activities: Hiking, Canoeing, Kayaking, Fishing, Camping

Don’t Miss:

  • To Do – Boardwalk Loop Trail, Canoe or Kayak, Bluff Trail
  • Wildlife – Bobcats, Deer, Feral Pigs, Coyotes, Armadillos, Otters
  • How many days do you need? 1-2

Pro Tip: Other places to see synchronous fireflies include Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Rainbow Falls in TN, Rocky Fork State Park in TN, Cataloochee Valley in NC, and Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest in NC.

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