Do you believe that our thoughts become words and then become actions? After practicing writing, speaking and meditating on affirmations for years, I am now a firm believer. The ability to choose my thoughts have freed me from self-doubt, eased my anxiety and boosted my confidence in myself and the world.

The past 2 years have not been easy for most people. Being in isolation gave me a chance to look inward and identify opportunities to continue on my own healing journey. The peace and quiet I have not experienced in years made me realize the importance of self-love and self-care, and I’ve been utilizing the following affirmations to strengthen both.

If you are looking for inspiration to grow more self-love, here are 30 self-love themed affirmations that you can practice daily to heal, nourish and celebrate yourself:

Affirmations to Boost Your Self-forgiveness:

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The hardest person to forgive is often ourselves, and yet, it is the first step to embracing self-love. You deserve to be gentle and kind with yourself and make space for love and light to come in. To practice self-forgiveness, start or end the day with the following affirmations:

  1. My struggles are opportunities.
  2. My past does not determine my future.
  3. I release myself from the weight of my regrets.
  4. I am gentle with myself and my mistakes. I understand they are a great way to learn.
  5. I let go of my past beliefs that no longer serve me.

Save these affirmations themed wallpaper for your daily reminder:

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